A modern day renaissance woman, Linda Klein creates masterpieces of enduring style, approaching her work with the same magical inspiration that moves an artist, a poet or a choreographer to create a work of art.


A graduate of Simmons College, Prince Program of Retail Management, Linda’s art, film, and photography projects were archived as artistic incentives for new Simmons’ students. Translating her design sensibility into a commercial application, Linda launched her career designing and staging special events for the corporate, non-profit and entertainment industries, working with prestigious clients like the Boston Celtics, Budweiser, Stolichnaya, and the New England Governor’s Convention. Her creative talents soon evolved into fashion and home decor design.


In 1996 Indago Designs was born, the expression of Linda’s personal vision to infuse beauty and refined taste into every aspect of her life and to share that—and the pleasure and satisfaction it brings—with others. She approaches designing as a powerful form of communication.


Today, Linda is recognized for her innovative approach to design and her resourcefulness in discovering and using unusual elements to communicate aesthetic styles, or, as Linda puts it, “expert layering”. Whether it involves apparel or interiors, she excels at marrying disparate pieces together in unexpectedly beautiful ways. Her unusual blending and contrasting of fabrics and textiles with accessories and accent pieces has prompted features in Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, Southern Homes and Accents.


Among her clients are prominent lawyers, politicians, and business women whose faces, fashions and homes have graced the pages of newspapers and magazines. You would never imagine their style is the result of Linda’s magic…and she’ll never tell. That’s Linda Klein’s style.


email: indago@rcn.com
phone: 617-734-2133

fax: 617-731-4840